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CMEF Shenzhen April 2012
CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
CMEF Regional, Chengdu, S
CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
Product Name: XD-300-250W/ 350W Single Xenon Light Source
Model: XD-300-250W/ 350W
P/N: XD-300-250W/ 350W
High brightness xenon light source, the illuminance is two or three times of the same power halogen light source, high color temperature, like the sunlight color. It supremely satisfy the doctor diagnosed requirements. The high brightness devices must use it to illuminate, such as fiber optic scope, laparoscope and ENT scope. Switch -on/off power supply, steady voltage output, the lower failure rate. It is designed the convenient replacement of bulbs: unscrew the back window, bulb and reflector will come out of the device together. It only takes 1-3 minutes to complete.

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