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กค CMEF Shenzhen April 2012
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กค CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
Product Name: Fiber Optical Cable / Light Cable Storz Wolf Compatible,100.001
Model: T-FOC

Detailed Product Description

light guide cable
With the fiber to connect between the cold light source and the relative parts

About Connection:

To light source:  Default connection is Storz (with an adatptor for Wolf), you can select Olympus / ACMI connection.
To endoscope: Default is Storz / Olympus, you can select Wolf or ACMI connection.


100.001 Light guide cable งถ4.5กม1800mm 
100.002 Light guide cable งถ4.5กม2000mm
100.003 Light guide cable งถ4.5กม1800mm screw Adaptor
100.004 Light guide cable งถ4.5กม2300mm 
100.005 Light guide cable งถ4.5กม2500mm 
100.006 Light guide cable งถ4.5กม2500mm use with stryker light source
100.007 Light guide cable งถ4.5กม3000mm
100.008 Light guide cable งถ5กม2500mm
100.009 Light guide cable งถ5กม3000mm

Used with different adapters, suitable for the following light source:



The products enjoy great popularity in Korea, India, Pakistan, Japan, Germany and Middle East countries.

OEM business and repair service for different rigid endoscope and instruments are also available.

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