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CMEF Shenzhen April 2012
CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
CMEF Regional, Chengdu, S
CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
Product Name: Endoscopy CCD Camera
Model: TEC-L9000

Detailed Product Description

1.Digital Video Endoscopy Camera
2.Video recorder, storage and reply
3.SD memory card (16G)
4.Built-in 5.7' LCD monitor


The high-resolution, fully digital 1/3 ̄ interline CCDx1 with micro lens and color mosaic filter camera with video record, store and replay and built-in workstation system with high definition image format provides the highest levels of surgery field visibility.


Due to the high resolution 1280x720 pixels, the user is able to see even the smallest tissue details with absolute clarity. And due to its enormous light sensitivity the camera delivers a fascinating depth of colours even under adverse conditions, e.g. in case of heavy bleeding at the site of the surgery.


The exclusive use of digital signals starting in the camera head allows interference-free amplification of the images and renders the camera immune to external influences, such as HF devices.


The easily replaceable camera cable provides high quality combined with the economical efficiency typical of DVL®. The latest in digital technology enables the control unit to automatically detect the connected camera head.


The user can choose between BNC, S-video output or SD 16G memory cards. In addition, the built-in 5.7 ̄ LCD monitor provides double protection for the operation.



Technical data


Digital camera c/w display       Model: L9000

þ        1CCD 580lines


þ        1CCD 480lines


þ        4:3 format


þ        Progressive scanning 528


þ        High speed shutter 


þ        Photo,Video recorder,store(16G SD) and replay


þ        BNCx1, S-vide x 1


þ        PAL or NTSC process


þ        VGA / USB


þ        CE Certification


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