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¡¤ CMEF Shenzhen April 2012
¡¤ CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
¡¤ CMEF Regional, Chengdu, S
¡¤ CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
 Diagnostic Cardiology
Product Name: Wireless Stress test ECG System
Model: TST-8000
P/N: 100685
¡ö12 leads ECG cable for data collection and analysis simultaneously. QRS
  waveform can be  distinguished by high precision. The cardiograph during 
  sampling can be printedout on-line .

¡öRecord and savewhole course cardiograph data simultaneously.

¡öThe change of ST segment can be observed in the course of collection. The lead
  which the   operator choses can be magnified, and the ST segment data can be
  calculated automatically .

¡ö Advanced original creation of screen waveform antijamming technology is
   adopted, which makes   the screen waveform much more precise, the details of
   cardiograph much more extrude.

¡ö Anti-jamming technology is adopted to ensure the stabilization of the baseline,
   reducing effect on  cardiograph from myoelectric jamming, baseline excursion,
   and industry electric wave jamming.

¡ö The machine can adopt both standard exercise scheme and user-defined
   exercise scheme, and set   instantaneous printing and blood pressure 
   measurement tip.

¡öOperator can mark events during exercising, the marked event cardiograph
  waveform can be   compared with current waveform, the event can be observed,
  edited and printed.

¡öBe provided with several types of displaying and printing trend graph. Mainly
  includes: HR, BP,   METS, HR*BP, exercise trend, ST segment,
level/influence/slope/3D/J level and ST/HR, etc. The provided types of trend graph include:
line graph, column graph, trapezia graph and grid graph   etc.

¡öThe function of dynamic retrospect after exercising which can replay the whole 
  exercise testing   process is provided. During the course of replay, the speed can
  be adjusted, such as speedup,   slowdown, pause and skip.

¡öWith static review function, user can look up ECG waveform of any time, and
  modify the   attribute of QRS complex.

¡öPowerful case management function is provided, including advanced search of
  archives , modify   case info, delete archives, update archives etc.

¡öThe function of "Import/Export Case" Is privided. The exported cases are
  compressed, which   exhaust less disk space. The compressed cases are
  associated with the operation system file type.   This design makes the import
  operation much more simple and quickly.

¡öThe function of "System Settings" includes several setting items. For example,
  switching   Chinese/English language, format and mode of displaying waveform
  (12 leads * 1screen / 6leads   * 2screens / 3 leads * 2 screens / 3 leads * 1
  screen, etc), the color of background grid and print   setting, filter setting, and 
  display optional parameters , etc.

¡öThe system has friendly interface, multiple info can be preseted according to
  users¡¯ operating   habit, including : IME, tooltips, and doctors¡¯ information. Latest
  setting will be memorized and   autosaved as "Operator¡¯s Favorite Settings". 
  Then the settings can be recovered as start up next   time.

¡öSeveral useful tools are provided, which are used for equipments management,
  cases history   information management and some other operations.

¡öThe wireless cardiograph data collection equipments improve the anti-jamming capability.
 And the system is compatible with the wired cardiograph data collection equipments

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