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CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
 Monitoring System
Product Name: Fetal&Maternal Monitor TFD--600P(7
Model: TFD--600P
P/N: 100118
TFM-600P, is high-end fetal&maternal monitor, and it offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room in big hospital; private obstetrician's office; antepartum clinic. They are designed for use in moving situation covers the entire continuum of antepartum and intrapartum applications.

¢ A 7inch TFT color LCD displays  the FHR, TOCO curve and maternal parameters and the monitoring states, meanwhile it has data storage and playback functions.

¢ The internal line thermal recorder can records FHR, TOCO, the life exceeds over 20 years.

¢ Advanced DSP technology, accurate and reliable.

¢ Multi-crystals, wide beam  form, high sensitivity ultrasound transducer, 1MHz pulsed wave,  low ultrasound power, safer to the fetal.

¢ A standard patient event marker and a clinical event marking button to separately mark clinical events.

¢ 3 in 1 transducers, no cable inter twisting.

¢ Twin monitoring is an option.

¢ Maternal SpO2 and heart rate functions

¢ NIBP function 

¢ Operate with an encoder for easy and convenient use.

¢ Many alarm functions are included: The monitoring time over alarm, no paper alarm.

Fetal monitor TFM-600P configuration

 FHR  TOCO FM  Dual-FHR NIBP  SPO2  Temp  Waker 
 Yes Yes  Yes  Optional  Yes  Yes  Optional  Yes

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