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CMEF Shenzhen April 2012
CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
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CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
 Electrosurgical Unit
Product Name: Electrosurgical Unit Argon Beam Coagulator
Model: TAPC-100
P/N: 10333

Argon Electrosurgical Generator(LED)

←Humanistic board design, simple operation, direct-viewing demonstration.
← Argon Plasma Coagulator and Electrosurgical Generator that unify the collection, has strong practicality and applicability.
←REM system and Power Peak System that provides surgeons with improved performance at Lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage.
←The newest AIC technology, double pattern argon current regulation, may respectively output 0.2-3.0L/min and 1-15L/min current capacity, the adjustment length of stride respectively is 0.2L/Min and 1L/Min
←We use the SMART INTERRUPT safe system to real-time monitor nozzle pressure, which avoids nozzle jammed.
←It initiates AUTO-ADJ. Adaptive pressure adjustment, allowing 0.20-0.50MPa broad argon indefinite pressure inputting, avoiding the limitation of the on-the-spot source of the gas.
←It offers the effective and economical method for hemostasis and tissue deactivating in the opening digesting-scope operations.


Technical Specifications

Power: 220V㊣22V, 50Hz㊣1Hzㄗ110V㊣11V,50/60Hzㄘ
Operating frequency: 512KHz
Power rating: 880VA㊣10ㄔ
Output Rating:
↑Monopolar Cut
a) Pure cutㄩ1W‵300W( Load 800次)
b) Blend1ㄩ1W‵200W(Load 800次)
c) Blend2ㄩ1W‵150W(Load 800次)
↑Monopolar Coag
d) Spray Coagㄩ1W‵80W( Load 800次)
e) Forced Coagㄩ1W‵120W( Load 800次)
Argon beam coagulator parameter
Flow rate Range 0.1‵15.0L/min
Regulating Step 0.1L/min
Pressure of Nozzle 0-0.1MPa
Power Consumption <100VA
Argon Purity ≡99.99%
Pressure of Inputting 0.20-0.50MPa
AC Power AC90~250V, 50Hz

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