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 Ultrasound system
Product Name: Full Digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner/system
Model: TUS-3000H
P/N: 100326

Detailed Product Description

SCM design
192-frame cineloop
USB port
SD Card
3-segment TGC adjustment

Digital Diagnostic Equipment



SCM design

192-frame cineloop

USB port

SD Card

3-segment TGC adjustment


Software Functions:

General measurement: distance, circumference, volume, angle, heart rate and etc.

Obstetrics measurement software: BPD, GS, CRL, AD, AC, FL, HC, FTA, APTD, TTD and calculating fetus¡¯ weight, pregnancy week, fetal physiological rating according to the previous measurements.

Cardiac measurement software. The measurement result could be shown automatically.


Technical Specification:

Scanning mode: electronic linear array, electronic convex array

Imaging model: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M

Gray scale: 256 levels

Transducer frequency: 2.5-8.5 MHz

Magnification: ¡Á0.8, ¡Á0.9, ¡Á1.0,¡Á1.1,¡Á1.2,¡Á1.3, ¡Á1.4,¡Á1.5.

Local zoom

Adjustment of total gain and brightness

Permanent storage: 1024

2 USB Ports

One probe connector

IP set: 8 kinds, Frame correlation, Edge enhancement, Dynamic range, center line, scan angle


Body Mark: 35 kinds

Pseudo color: 5 kinds

Image Polarity: Up/Down, Left/Right, Black/White

Focus: 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.0

Image store format: BMP, DICOM

Formula of Fetus¡¯ weight: OSAKA, TOKYO1, TOKYO2, MERZ


With very light weight, only 1kg, 2cm for Thickness, 17cm for width, 25cm for length, very convenience for doctors to carry out.

It¡¯s very convenience for software¡¯s upgrade, just need a U disk, everything is ok.

This machine could be connected with Jet printer, Laser printer.

The battery is dismountable

Other performance as the same as the laptop computer

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