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CMEF Shenzhen April 2012
CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
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CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
 Ultrasound system
Product Name: Full-Digital Trolley Ultrasound Machine/System PC-Based
Model: TUS-300P
P/N: 100325

Detailed Product Description

Full-Digital imaging technoly
Multi-frequency probes
High quality and competive price
Good after-sale serive and CE

Main Features:

Windows XP operation system based

Powerful measurement & calculation software packages

8-Segment TGC adjustment

Automatic report generation

Back-lit keyboard

Probe automatic identification


Main Technical Specification:

Scanning mode: Convex/Linear/Trans-vaginal

Display modes: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B

Scanning depth: 240mm

Gray scales: 256

Body marks: 44

Image conversion: up/down, left/right, black/white

Local Zoom: 6 times both in real-time and frozen

Port: USB 2.0, VGA, Video connector

Wide application: abdomen, OB/GYN, urology, cardiology´´..

Power supply: AC 110V-240V, 50HZ/60HZ

Probe connector: 2



General menu: Distance, Area/PM, Volume, Angle, Ratio, L.Ratio, Histogram,


Gynecology menu: Distance, U.T, ENDO, CX-L, OV-V, FO-D, UT-L/CX-L

Obstetrics menu: Distance, GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL, Fetus Grow, EFW

Heart menu: Distance, Time, Slope, Rhythm

S.Apparatus menu: Distance, THY.V, HIP, THY-Report, HIP-Report

Urology menu: Distance, RUV, PV


Standard configuration:

Main unit

14 inch high resolution monitor

3 probe connectors

60R/3.5MHZ Convex array probe



Video connector



L40/7.5MHZ Linear Probe

20R/5.0MHZ Micro-Convex array probe

13R/6.5MHZ Trans-vaginal Convex array probe

Video Printer



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