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CMEF Shenzhen April 2012
CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
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CMEF Spring, Shenzhen, Ap
 Health Care
Product Name: Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Model: TPO-500B
P/N: 100125

# Advanced DSP algorithm can minish the influence of motion artifact and improve measurement accuracy of low perfusion.
# Pop-up Menu to setup alarm limits
# Small size, lightweight and convenient in carrying.
# Lower power consumption and the two AAA batteries can be operated continuously for 20 hours.
# Battery low voltage indicator in visual window.
# The product will automatically be powered off when no finger is in the device for longer than 8 seconds

Displays: Color 1.0 inch OLED
Plethysmogram, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate, Bargraph
Battery Indicator
Pop-up Menu
Four display directions.
Beep sound
Alarm setting
Oxygen Saturation Range (%SpO2)                    0% to 100%
Pulse Rate Range (bpm)                                  30 to 250 pulses per minute
(%SpO2\1 S.D.)                                                70-100%: \ 2%
0%-69%: unspecified
 Pulse Rate                                                         \2 bpm
 Operating                                                          0≧゛50≧
Storage/Transportation                                     -20≧゛50≧
Operating                                                          10% to 90% noncondensing
Storage/Transportation                                     10% to 95% noncondensing
Operating Altitude                                                    Up to 12,000 meters
Hyperbaric Pressure                                                 Up to 4 atmospheres
Power Options                                                         two AAA batteries
20 hours typical operation
 Red light LED wavelength                                         660nm\5nm
 Infrared light LED wavelength                                  940nm\10nm
Dimensions                                                         58mm L 〜36mm W〜30mm H
Weight                                                                 50g with two batteries

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